Every adult has one thing in common; growing up. The inevitability of coming of age and the trials and tribulations that come with aging is exactly what E-Lux creates many of his rhymes about. Influenced by the business savvy of Jay-Z and the lyricism of Kool G Rap, E-Lux has created a style that captivates as much as it motivates on a cascade of releases under not one, but a few names.

As E-Lux, the Spanish Harlem rapper has released a pair of albums; Fallen Soldier, First in Last Out, and June 2019's 5lbs of Pressure. He's also dropped music under the name Bass Reeves, as well as part of the hip hop group Quiet Mob. The group was also the inspiration behind E-Lux's own business venture, Quiet Mob Productions. Which is an independent record label he started and to which all his music has been released to date. An underground artist and entrepreneur, E-Lux is continuously making moves to prove he's one to watch in the hip hop industry.


Catering to music trends is not what E-Lux is about. In fact, he tends to push the envelope to the edge when it comes to creativity as he is willing to take chances in all his endeavors. With sharp rhymes and smooth deliveries, E-Lux has a way with words that has allowed him to be featured in the likes of Skilly Magazine, Rude Boy Magazine, as well as on Bus Daily. Fans and critics have appreciated what he's done with songs such as "Fallen",  "Coretta," , "Rice N Gravy", "Black Series", "Play By Play" just to name a few. Many of E-Lux's music centers around the coming of age idea. A concept that many, if not all, people can relate to.


As an NYC Underground Radio Artist of the Month, E-Lux has showcased what he can and will continue to do in an industry overflowing with oversaturated music. Making music that reflects what is happening and what has happened in his life as they come and go. With many years ahead of him, E-Lux plans on to continue learning as he goes, growing his label, and promoting his new album Black Series. E-Lux’s upcoming release will be released this summer 2020 titled Black Mass.


Upcoming Album – Black Mass